Seriously Upset Aves (Angry Birds)

Part of why Sis and I haven’t been around is that we just finished a furiously fast-paced crochet endeavor for a great cause…. but on a hugely pressure-filled time crunch.

We found out about a benefit for someone to raise money for their breast cancer medical bills and asked if we could donate anything for the silent auction.  We were told Yes!!!  So we got to work!

In three days, we came up with a basket of full of angry bird goodies.

The patterns for each of these amigurumi birds can easily be found online, though I will warn that we found problems with them.  The hat can also be found online as a free pattern, but was a wonderful surprise with no problems!  We also didn’t write down the fixes for these mistakes simply because we were so pressed for time.  Some of the problems we encountered we didn’t even have time to fix, but they turned out okay for the most part.  The scarf had no pattern.  I simply decided I didn’t want all these funky colors in my stash bin to bust later because, honestly, when was I ever going to need this awful hot red? lol.  The night before the basket had to be delivered I grabbed the yarn two strands at a time and started double crocheting my heart out with a size N hook.

Before I knew it, I had a very scary looking scarf.

I texted Sis my problem and she suggested the rows of solid black to tone it down.

So here is the final project:

We both hope it went for a good price to pay for lots of medical bills!!!!  Neither of us could attend as we were snowed in 😦

Red Bird

Black Bird

Green Pig

Yellow Bird

Earflap Hat

If you want the rest of the patterns (that we did not have time to make):

Green Bird

Blue Bird


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