A Season’s Change…part 1

Dear Sis,

It has been such a long time since I wrote you a letter, and for that I apologize.  I have been much under the weather lately, and because of that much time has been spent under my covers with hot tea.  The season’s unexpectedly early change has helped to liven me a bit though, and for that I am very grateful.

The other day, I went out and bought some yarn at that darling little yarn store we love so much, Sheep’s clothing!  The sun was shining so bright and it was 68′ outside.   My oh my how that was a splendid day.  I took a little time to truly revel in the peacefulness of it all.  I sat at a cafe with a wonderful cup of tea and a goat cheese and portobello sandwich (yummy!) just watching  the passers-by.  I realized this was such a neglected treat!  Too far neglected, since it has been a few years since I’ve partaken in such a wonderfully slow-paced meandering.  I truly loved it!

The cafe I visited was almost forgotten about, until a strange feeling told me to walk east down the street instead my intended west.  Aha!  Blackbird Cafe… so so long since I visited you!  As I walked through the doors, the aroma of gracefully gooey paninis and luxurious leaf tea instantly struck my soul and made my heart jump!

I couldn’t help myself to ask if they sold the tea they brewed, and to my happy surprise, they did!  I talked with the barista who said they actually get their tea from right next door to our favorite restaurant in the city!  I knew The Coffee and Tea Exchange had wonderfully tasty tea, but this cafe’s 3 hour trip to obtain it, confirms my opinion!  Oh, and the tea!  I almost forgot to explain it!  The name, Madame Butterfly, intrigued me at once, sis.  It was a perky, fresh green tea with hints of mango, cornflower, and hibiscus.  I loved it!  The clouds I had been under instantly started to part  when I drank the magical goodness from my cup.  Ahhh tea… a magnificent mirth of all things balanced and blissful, magical and medicinal, simple and sensational!  It is so hard to remember the days when grimacing was my only reaction to these master-crafted cups of joy.  However, I am glad those days are far behind me, FAR behind….

All my love to you, Sis, and miss you bunches,

-love Lil’ M


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