How Time Flies…

Hello Dear Sis,

I can’t believe it’s been over six years since we’ve sent each other mail. Time has really flown by, and yes, it seems the closer in proximity we are, the fewer the letters.

I do commend you on the redecoration of our blog. It is very well lit, homey, and warming. It’s the perfect place to visit, tea in hand, and chat with you for a while. Besides, how could I not approve of a lime green typewriter?

I understand what you mean about needing a break- time has felt like an unending tidal wave as of late. It has been all go go go over here, but I have been able to carve out a few minutes for myself. Time to pour yourself a cup, because I’ve brought a few snippets to share with you tonight.

As I sip my tea, some Constant Comment black by the way, let me share my past week with you. I have been working on a giant-ish Dory amigurumi for my goddaughter Q’s birthday.

I decided to double strand the fishie to make it bigger, and now my wrists are paying for it. Such a surprise, I know. It is now on hold, paused in the customary ami-jigsaw puzzle state, but should make a comeback soon.

While Dory was on ice, I attended to some Cthulhu-themed decorations for just such a game night we had over the weekend. There were tentacles everywhere… I used a $1 tablecloth to trace and cut hundreds of them:

After those, I proceeded to relive my grade school days by making some tissue paper Cthulhu banners. At first I completely forgot how to make these things, then after a few failed attempts, it all came back to me.

And finally, I made some pretzel rolls. Yep, you guessed it- Cthulhu themed. Here are the monsterous little balls of dough being prepped for the oven…

And then, after a baking soda bath and blue berries…

And finally, after the pretzelizing! (I apologize for the wonky pictures, the buns were getting devoured before I could get a good picture! Haha Cthulhu… devoured…. lol)

They tasted nummy, even if the yeast decided to die halfway through the baking process!

In other news, the Hubs is doing well. And now I realize, with out six year absence, that this is his first mention amongst our blog. Him and TeenieE will have quite the attentions in upcoming letters, I’m sure. For now, however, I would like to share a new crafting love of mine, bookbinding!

I have looked past this hobby many times over the years, and not quite sure what finally hooked me, but now the passion is pretty much here to stay. I have done a few books so far this past week, and here is my first:

A bit of rainbow paper

And then some stitching

And after a cover and some trimming…

Voila! Now you can probably see why I’m hooked!

Well, I just caught sight of the clock, and must get to bed. I hope the embargo on your sleep has come to an end by now. We all deserve a decent night’s sleep here and there.

Good night for now. Miss you and love you bunches!


P.S.: TeenieE puppy tax!


Tired Me

Dear Sis,

TinyM is on a sleep boycott. Therefore, my sleep has been embargoed. I have probably drank half a pot (or more) coffee this morning. We went to our normal breakfast place after mass. But being home now, I’m brewing a pot of Russian Caravan (from a tea shop named Mecca in Tulsa, Oklahoma – I’m not affiliated and receive no money from any clicks). If you haven’t had it, it smells like and tastes exactly like what one might think a campfire would taste like if liquified into a drinkable state. It’s ah-may-zing, and with the little amount of sleep I’m getting lately, is just the right strength (strong as possible!).

In other news, Hedwig’s proper wheel arrived the other day. She loves it, and all her new little ramps and such. She’s still not tame, but is definitely happier every day. We are making progress!

I go back to school tomorrow. I am not ready 😦 It’s been a while since I needed a break as badly as I needed this one. I think much of the need has come from either having my break stolen from me (having to attend professional development during any and all 3 day weekends), or from being sick during them. It was fabulous to finally have a break where I wasn’t sick. I got SO much done. I still have a ton more to do, but progress is being made on this front as well.

In boring for everyone else, but exciting for me news, I finally finished my Notre Dame class this week. It’s nice to have that finished. Almost everyone else planned to take theirs over the summer, but for several reasons, my friend and I decided to take ours together while class was still in session. Now that mine is done and everyone else’s is just starting, I can especially appreciate having taken it early. It’s nice to have that one big thing off my plate.

I don’t have a photo for this post, but I will give a big thank you to the photographer who took the photo of our new header. I don’t know who it is, but it came from a website called pexel, and the photo was just listed under an account “rawpexel.” So, to whomever took the photo, thank you! It’s beautiful.

Love you, Sis. Can’t wait to hear from you. I’m off to have my tea and plan some lessons. We’ll see if I can get myself caffeinated enough to manage some form of coherence. I hope you’re doing well, and hope to see you soon! Any plans for Easter?

❤ K

A Brand New Start

Dear Sis,

It has been 6 years. 6 years since our last digital letter. 6 years of so much life. Rather than even attempt to fill in any gaps, I’ll let the gaps fill themselves as needed. Instead, I’m going for a brand new start.

It has been such a very long time since I sat and had a cup of tea, since I sat with my yarn. These are the things that happened today that led me here. First, TinyM came and asked me if I had any yarn for the robins. I pretty much tore apart the storage room, but I knew I had a small bag of yarn ends in there somewhere. My total disregard for the mess I was making was rewarded, and as so infrequently happens these days, I found what I was looking for.

Yarn for robins!

Later, after picking up TinyM from preschool & having lunch, we sat down to watch his favorite show (Lots and Lots of Really Big Trains) on Amazon. While the show started, I brewed some tea (mixed jasmine & black) and considered what I would do while TinyM watched his show. I thought about yarn, but I’m so tired. It is nice to have the week off work, and I just got my room (mostly) straightened up. Then the smell of the tea hit me, and I was instantly reminded of this place, our place.

It would seem that since we live so much closer than before (just a few towns apart) we wouldn’t need letters, but I think we maybe need them now even more than before!

So… what is new? Well, in BIG news, I finally broke down and got a classroom pet. Or at least, I may have. We shall see if she makes it to school. TinyM has fallen in love. Meet Hedwig:

Meet Hedwig.

It’s a long story, but long story (relatively) short… I talked to a local pet shop a couple weeks ago, and a woman who looked like someone important told me she’d order what I was looking for and have one in the week after. I ordered her a pretty cute looking cage that seemed to match the size requirements for her. Fast forward a week, the cage is together and awaiting an occupant. I stopped by the shop & the same exact lady told me word for word the same thing. So I called 2 other pet shops nearby. Each of those didn’t even know what I was talking about. Finally, I called the place we found her. She came home with us and I was immediately aware her new stylish home was WAY too small. I fast ordered her the cage I should have ordered her in the first place, and spent the next day reorganizing my room to make space for Hedwig’s new digs. This was no small feat, considering. You know me: I won’t take out any furniture just because new furniture is being added! Hilariously enough, my room has never looked more spacious.

Because I hate sending things back (especially by mail), and because I wouldn’t want to donate the inhumane tiny cage and encourage anyone else to use it… both cages are now in my room. I cleaned out the tiny one, and it now has a much more appropriate life as a bookcase. Her wheel is still too small, but I couldn’t order the new one on rush. It will arrive asap, though! (And bonus… it’ll be purple.)

Horrible cage repurposed as a shelf… I now have the bottom filled as well.

With any luck, we will have cheerfully colored robins’ nests to look forward to, and everyone (including Granpa) is already enjoying our new housemate. I miss you, as always, and I love you!

❤ Kia

PS – tea: Arabian Night; on the needles/hook: socks… and have been since last summer