How Time Flies…

Hello Dear Sis,

I can’t believe it’s been over six years since we’ve sent each other mail. Time has really flown by, and yes, it seems the closer in proximity we are, the fewer the letters.

I do commend you on the redecoration of our blog. It is very well lit, homey, and warming. It’s the perfect place to visit, tea in hand, and chat with you for a while. Besides, how could I not approve of a lime green typewriter?

I understand what you mean about needing a break- time has felt like an unending tidal wave as of late. It has been all go go go over here, but I have been able to carve out a few minutes for myself. Time to pour yourself a cup, because I’ve brought a few snippets to share with you tonight.

As I sip my tea, some Constant Comment black by the way, let me share my past week with you. I have been working on a giant-ish Dory amigurumi for my goddaughter Q’s birthday.

I decided to double strand the fishie to make it bigger, and now my wrists are paying for it. Such a surprise, I know. It is now on hold, paused in the customary ami-jigsaw puzzle state, but should make a comeback soon.

While Dory was on ice, I attended to some Cthulhu-themed decorations for just such a game night we had over the weekend. There were tentacles everywhere… I used a $1 tablecloth to trace and cut hundreds of them:

After those, I proceeded to relive my grade school days by making some tissue paper Cthulhu banners. At first I completely forgot how to make these things, then after a few failed attempts, it all came back to me.

And finally, I made some pretzel rolls. Yep, you guessed it- Cthulhu themed. Here are the monsterous little balls of dough being prepped for the oven…

And then, after a baking soda bath and blue berries…

And finally, after the pretzelizing! (I apologize for the wonky pictures, the buns were getting devoured before I could get a good picture! Haha Cthulhu… devoured…. lol)

They tasted nummy, even if the yeast decided to die halfway through the baking process!

In other news, the Hubs is doing well. And now I realize, with out six year absence, that this is his first mention amongst our blog. Him and TeenieE will have quite the attentions in upcoming letters, I’m sure. For now, however, I would like to share a new crafting love of mine, bookbinding!

I have looked past this hobby many times over the years, and not quite sure what finally hooked me, but now the passion is pretty much here to stay. I have done a few books so far this past week, and here is my first:

A bit of rainbow paper

And then some stitching

And after a cover and some trimming…

Voila! Now you can probably see why I’m hooked!

Well, I just caught sight of the clock, and must get to bed. I hope the embargo on your sleep has come to an end by now. We all deserve a decent night’s sleep here and there.

Good night for now. Miss you and love you bunches!


P.S.: TeenieE puppy tax!


A Season’s Change… part 2

Tea brewing: Peppermint/Women’s Herbal combo (Ahhhh… )

Hello dear Sis.  It’s been far too long since I’ve talked with you last.  As I look sit and ponder the changing of the seasons, I’ve realized that so much has happened.  So many things I must tell you about.  But first, I am very happy to see that my suggestions for your weekday blues made you feel much better!  I’d like to think that sitting by a window recharges one’s batteries, providing enough power to make it out of the horrible “rut of blues.”    I think your day ended up being wonderfully productive, as well.  And a big MMMMMMmmmmm….. on the delicious apple bread!  Those pictures make me want to head for the kitchen and start cooking, even if it is late.

On that note I suppose I could start to catch you up with all the happenings out my way.  My mom, nieces, and I went for our yearly apple orchard outing this past weekend.  Although, it was a lot of fun, sadly the orchard lost over 70% of its crop this year.  The orchard did an amazing job of recovering from the devastation.  By joining together with several other orchards, our go-to apple picking spot was able to stay open!  There were signs all over saying, “It’s raining apples!” For most of the day we were all confused.  “What are they talking about?”  It was only when we went out for a tractor ride among the trees, that we finally got the slogan.  Throughout the entire orchard, in every tree, was a “gutter” full of apples!  The owners of CL wanted to make sure that they didn’t just stay open, but were still able to provide a traditional family experience.  Over 3 miles of gutters were put in just for this cute little idea, too!  On the good side, it did make things a bit easier, for example no more apples out of reach at the tops of trees.  The workers had already picked them for everyone.  All the little children still got to go on the tractor ride, “pick” apples, and muck around in the raining weather wearing their cute galoshes!  Squee!  As always, we wait all year for the wonderful, hot, delicious apple cinnamon donuts that the orchard makes.  We came prepared, too, this year, with milk in hand.  I wish you could have seen the girls all bundled up, goofing around, and having fun!  I thought about getting you some apples while we were there, but given where you live, I think you have plenty 😉

Oh, and our little C got to come over and spend the night with the girls, too!  All of us, my mom included mind you, played Rock Band!  It was hilarious and fun and all around amazing.  We all took a field trip to 3 Game Stops that day getting an instrument and used games that were severely cheap!  I mean a game or .89, cheap!  After I don’t know how many updates, passwords, usernames, and Lord knows what else, we got back up online and had fun “rocking out.”  Did I mention the new instrument was a keyboard?  Now that was funny to see!!

I thought of you and ArmyC the other day, as well!  Why?  Well, I made my favorite soup to make in the Autumn and I thought of you.  But before that, I tried a new sushi and thought of Chris.  Hehe  I forgot to take a picture of the sushi right away, so I hope you won’t mind that a couple of pieces are missing 😀

The soup is called “Autumn Greens Soup”, and is basically all the in season greens with a potato and chicken stock.  However, there’s some chili flakes for unexpected, but not overwhelming, heat.  Little C came over a week later and really wanted to learn to cook.  So, she learned how to make this soup and had quite a time doing so!  Here’s a photo for you (don’t forget to scratch and sniff!).

On my way home today, I ran into MamaB and Babymama at the store.  Our sis cut off all her hair, and I barely recognized her!  I got to see pictures of our little nephew, and he is so adorable.  Definitely looks like his mommy, and eats Oreos like his mommy!

As always, I’ve been yarning away.  Just last week I sent out four packages for birthdays and a swap!  Whooo!  Now, I’m on to a shawl, a neck warmer, and who knows what else.  With the holidays right around the corner, I am desperately trying to keep my head down and focused on what needs to get made.  For the most part I believe I have 90% of the brainstorming and supplies gathering complete, it is the last 10% that is proving to be a bit buggy.  I’m either over inspired or not nearly enough so.  On a happier note, I am very excited, though, for our tea swap!  Too excited probably!  Naw… one can never be too excited for tea or a swap!!!

Oh, dear!  It’s gotten rather late on me tonight!  I best be off soon, for I have an early day tomorrow!  But before I go, I must tell you two things:

First, we have a new family member here at the green cottage, a four-legged one.  We affectionately call him Zeus, and he is the cutest little rolley-polley of a bulldog I’ve seen in some time!  Say hi Auntie M!

The second is that Buffalo says “Hi!”  and that he misses you!

Well, I lied.  There’s a third thing.  I love you and miss you terribly, Sis!

All the love in the world and speak with you soon, Li’l M <3.

A Season’s Change…part 1

Dear Sis,

It has been such a long time since I wrote you a letter, and for that I apologize.  I have been much under the weather lately, and because of that much time has been spent under my covers with hot tea.  The season’s unexpectedly early change has helped to liven me a bit though, and for that I am very grateful.

The other day, I went out and bought some yarn at that darling little yarn store we love so much, Sheep’s clothing!  The sun was shining so bright and it was 68′ outside.   My oh my how that was a splendid day.  I took a little time to truly revel in the peacefulness of it all.  I sat at a cafe with a wonderful cup of tea and a goat cheese and portobello sandwich (yummy!) just watching  the passers-by.  I realized this was such a neglected treat!  Too far neglected, since it has been a few years since I’ve partaken in such a wonderfully slow-paced meandering.  I truly loved it!

The cafe I visited was almost forgotten about, until a strange feeling told me to walk east down the street instead my intended west.  Aha!  Blackbird Cafe… so so long since I visited you!  As I walked through the doors, the aroma of gracefully gooey paninis and luxurious leaf tea instantly struck my soul and made my heart jump!

I couldn’t help myself to ask if they sold the tea they brewed, and to my happy surprise, they did!  I talked with the barista who said they actually get their tea from right next door to our favorite restaurant in the city!  I knew The Coffee and Tea Exchange had wonderfully tasty tea, but this cafe’s 3 hour trip to obtain it, confirms my opinion!  Oh, and the tea!  I almost forgot to explain it!  The name, Madame Butterfly, intrigued me at once, sis.  It was a perky, fresh green tea with hints of mango, cornflower, and hibiscus.  I loved it!  The clouds I had been under instantly started to part  when I drank the magical goodness from my cup.  Ahhh tea… a magnificent mirth of all things balanced and blissful, magical and medicinal, simple and sensational!  It is so hard to remember the days when grimacing was my only reaction to these master-crafted cups of joy.  However, I am glad those days are far behind me, FAR behind….

All my love to you, Sis, and miss you bunches,

-love Lil’ M

Is it true? Christmas was so long ago…

Sis, I must agree with you!  Christmas is just now a month away, but it seems ages ago with all the yarn projects we’ve been stitching up!  I’ve nearly forgotten about some of the projects, however, it’s quite understandable, especially with our very busy past week.

I can’t believe this was the one that slipped my mind:  “Little C’s” crochet hook case….

She was soooo excited and surprised when she unwrapped it!  I was glad it hooked it up for her.  To me, there is nothing better than yarning up something for our loved ones!

For our readers Little C is a dear friend, and she’s just beginning to crochet.  I included a few hooks, markers, and needles inside, along with a lil yarn gift card to make the gift complete.  The pattern for this darling case came from here

I modified the pattern to be bi-colored, and I left off the final “zipper rows.”  Instead I finished off the case with a simple single crochet border, started at the bottom middle of the case.  I also braided some of the remaining yarn into a tie, approximately 3 feet.  I wove the cord through the top layer of the case and tied it into a bow to close.

Now, I must admit, this next project flustered me so much I had to forget about it for a slight bit.  Big C’s helmet liner….

It knitted up right quick!  Then, however, after I had to cut the yarn I realized something was off….  The directions for the decrease at the top of the head decreased alright!  Too bad it was at a shape not congruent with a human head!!!  Agh.  As you well know I had to sit this pincushion on the back burner for a while and pick up something new.

So, I started hooking up a doggy amigurumi for a dear relative.  I was so excited at the yarn store that I just had to send you a picture of my findings…

What was all my excitement about?  The fuzzy, furry looking tan in the center!  In this daze of excitement I didn’t remember I was hooking this project.  Now, this may not have been a problem for seasoned hookers, but as I am still a green horn, it was insane!!  For me, knitting with this creative choice is much easier with a pair of pokey sticks, let me tell you…

It took me about an hour to get this far on the doggie’s fur… and it looked more like a ragged rug than a magnificent mane!

So I decided just to make the dog according the the original pattern, and put down the feisty fur.

In all honesty, none of this really bothered me!  With the atrocious amount of snow, I wanted to stay where I was, and it was so much fun to try out the new yarn.  I am proud to say that I now have my own technique to speed along with it!

For all of our wonderful readers, here’s a little taste of the snow…  Early in the day (though it may not look it)

And near 9pm…

There was still so much traffic, I was glad that there wasn’t far to drive.  Too bad, however, it took me 45 minutes to clean off the truck!  Thank-you to all the dedicated town workers for doing their best with the copious amounts of the fluff stuff!

I was glad to hear that all of loved ones got home safe that day.  It was truly relaxing… Like I got a snow day from grade school!

-Love lil’ Sis

Epic shopping trip….?

Oh dear sister…. The blog is great and just how we talked about!  It was so great to wake up to the picture of the website!
However, our epic shopping trip today with gram was quite hilarious, thus taking comedic presidence!  Both of you started off so subtle, just moseying about the aisles of the craft dept.  Oh how that quickly changed!  I don’t know if it was after your last skein of peaches n cream yarn or the frozen peas, but then the eye of the shopping storm passed!  Gram and you started doing circles, figure rights, and geometric shapes I haven’t seen since geometry… Now, the poor cashier, all three of us converge from no where swooping in for the prime lane, with no one waiting of course!  We all pay for our finds grab bags and scurry out the door…..  But wait!  The first store didn’t have it all!?!?  On to the other store!  Across the street!  Now this is where the sparks really started leaping from our heels.  With buggy in tow, we make one fell swoop across the back perimeter, only to pause for w brief while to examine a relative’s ultra sound…but hurry we must get back!  So in the self check out we have spared anothrt cashier from our speedy insanity.  Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. All is rung up.  On takes the bag, one the change, and the other the cart.  Before we know it we re hitting the gong and pulling back in the driveway…..  Ahh, safe once more.  Did I mention that all I got was 2 rolls of thread?