Tired Me

Dear Sis,

TinyM is on a sleep boycott. Therefore, my sleep has been embargoed. I have probably drank half a pot (or more) coffee this morning. We went to our normal breakfast place after mass. But being home now, I’m brewing a pot of Russian Caravan (from a tea shop named Mecca in Tulsa, Oklahoma – I’m not affiliated and receive no money from any clicks). If you haven’t had it, it smells like and tastes exactly like what one might think a campfire would taste like if liquified into a drinkable state. It’s ah-may-zing, and with the little amount of sleep I’m getting lately, is just the right strength (strong as possible!).

In other news, Hedwig’s proper wheel arrived the other day. She loves it, and all her new little ramps and such. She’s still not tame, but is definitely happier every day. We are making progress!

I go back to school tomorrow. I am not ready 😦 It’s been a while since I needed a break as badly as I needed this one. I think much of the need has come from either having my break stolen from me (having to attend professional development during any and all 3 day weekends), or from being sick during them. It was fabulous to finally have a break where I wasn’t sick. I got SO much done. I still have a ton more to do, but progress is being made on this front as well.

In boring for everyone else, but exciting for me news, I finally finished my Notre Dame class this week. It’s nice to have that finished. Almost everyone else planned to take theirs over the summer, but for several reasons, my friend and I decided to take ours together while class was still in session. Now that mine is done and everyone else’s is just starting, I can especially appreciate having taken it early. It’s nice to have that one big thing off my plate.

I don’t have a photo for this post, but I will give a big thank you to the photographer who took the photo of our new header. I don’t know who it is, but it came from a website called pexel, and the photo was just listed under an account “rawpexel.” So, to whomever took the photo, thank you! It’s beautiful.

Love you, Sis. Can’t wait to hear from you. I’m off to have my tea and plan some lessons. We’ll see if I can get myself caffeinated enough to manage some form of coherence. I hope you’re doing well, and hope to see you soon! Any plans for Easter?

❤ K