Epic shopping trip….?

Oh dear sister…. The blog is great and just how we talked about!  It was so great to wake up to the picture of the website!
However, our epic shopping trip today with gram was quite hilarious, thus taking comedic presidence!  Both of you started off so subtle, just moseying about the aisles of the craft dept.  Oh how that quickly changed!  I don’t know if it was after your last skein of peaches n cream yarn or the frozen peas, but then the eye of the shopping storm passed!  Gram and you started doing circles, figure rights, and geometric shapes I haven’t seen since geometry… Now, the poor cashier, all three of us converge from no where swooping in for the prime lane, with no one waiting of course!  We all pay for our finds grab bags and scurry out the door…..  But wait!  The first store didn’t have it all!?!?  On to the other store!  Across the street!  Now this is where the sparks really started leaping from our heels.  With buggy in tow, we make one fell swoop across the back perimeter, only to pause for w brief while to examine a relative’s ultra sound…but hurry we must get back!  So in the self check out we have spared anothrt cashier from our speedy insanity.  Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. All is rung up.  On takes the bag, one the change, and the other the cart.  Before we know it we re hitting the gong and pulling back in the driveway…..  Ahh, safe once more.  Did I mention that all I got was 2 rolls of thread?


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