Is it true? Christmas was so long ago…

Sis, I must agree with you!  Christmas is just now a month away, but it seems ages ago with all the yarn projects we’ve been stitching up!  I’ve nearly forgotten about some of the projects, however, it’s quite understandable, especially with our very busy past week.

I can’t believe this was the one that slipped my mind:  “Little C’s” crochet hook case….

She was soooo excited and surprised when she unwrapped it!  I was glad it hooked it up for her.  To me, there is nothing better than yarning up something for our loved ones!

For our readers Little C is a dear friend, and she’s just beginning to crochet.  I included a few hooks, markers, and needles inside, along with a lil yarn gift card to make the gift complete.  The pattern for this darling case came from here

I modified the pattern to be bi-colored, and I left off the final “zipper rows.”  Instead I finished off the case with a simple single crochet border, started at the bottom middle of the case.  I also braided some of the remaining yarn into a tie, approximately 3 feet.  I wove the cord through the top layer of the case and tied it into a bow to close.

Now, I must admit, this next project flustered me so much I had to forget about it for a slight bit.  Big C’s helmet liner….

It knitted up right quick!  Then, however, after I had to cut the yarn I realized something was off….  The directions for the decrease at the top of the head decreased alright!  Too bad it was at a shape not congruent with a human head!!!  Agh.  As you well know I had to sit this pincushion on the back burner for a while and pick up something new.

So, I started hooking up a doggy amigurumi for a dear relative.  I was so excited at the yarn store that I just had to send you a picture of my findings…

What was all my excitement about?  The fuzzy, furry looking tan in the center!  In this daze of excitement I didn’t remember I was hooking this project.  Now, this may not have been a problem for seasoned hookers, but as I am still a green horn, it was insane!!  For me, knitting with this creative choice is much easier with a pair of pokey sticks, let me tell you…

It took me about an hour to get this far on the doggie’s fur… and it looked more like a ragged rug than a magnificent mane!

So I decided just to make the dog according the the original pattern, and put down the feisty fur.

In all honesty, none of this really bothered me!  With the atrocious amount of snow, I wanted to stay where I was, and it was so much fun to try out the new yarn.  I am proud to say that I now have my own technique to speed along with it!

For all of our wonderful readers, here’s a little taste of the snow…  Early in the day (though it may not look it)

And near 9pm…

There was still so much traffic, I was glad that there wasn’t far to drive.  Too bad, however, it took me 45 minutes to clean off the truck!  Thank-you to all the dedicated town workers for doing their best with the copious amounts of the fluff stuff!

I was glad to hear that all of loved ones got home safe that day.  It was truly relaxing… Like I got a snow day from grade school!

-Love lil’ Sis


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